The First and Second Battles of Cambrai will always be known for their mass use of tanks, but both exhibit the modern use artillery, infantry, and close-air support. 

The First Battle took place November 20 – December 7th 1917. The Second Battle took place October 8-10th, 1918, and was an overwhelming success with light casualties in an extremely short amount of time. 

As for the Battle of St. Quentin, there were a few battles. The first of which happened very early on in the war, in late August 1914.

The Second Battle of St. Quentin was during the massive German military spring offensive known as Operation Michael, which began on March 21st, 1918. 

And finally, the Battle of St. Quentin Canal was a pivotal battle that began on September 29th, 1918, with the objective of breaking through one of the most heavily defended stretches of the German Hindenburg Line.