The Somme – A New Panoramic Perspective

One of the most incredible books I discovered while preparing for my journey to the Western Front, was Peter Barton’s, “The Somme – A New Panoramic Perspective.” 

Barton shows dozens of the original British and Army panoramas – most from 1915 and 1916, and often recreates these from the same locations. 

With maps of the panorama locations from the book, I was able to map GPS positions with which to send up the drone to capture most of the panoramas in the book – from over a hundred feet in the air. This enables the viewer to look over the trees and ridges, to really understand the battlefield in an exciting new way.   

Each panorama includes 33 high-resolution photos taken from an altitude between 100 and 150 feet, stitched together for a complete 360° view of the battlefield. 

On this page I will soon compile a list with links to the Barton panoramas I was able to photograph, and their corresponding original Pan number. On the individual panorama pages themselves, I’ll also highlight whether it was a pano location from the book.


You can find the book in the UK at or in the USA at


NOTE: There is a newer edition of this book, and the title has been changed to “The Somme – The untold story in never before seen panoramas.” I am not able to determine whether the same panoramas are included and labeled with the same names as they were in the original edition.